Kalana Press was founded in 2013 by Phyl Manning and Kent Brisby to empower writers who are ready to share their work with the world, independent of the traditional publishing games.  The old-school model for book publication is struggling, and the issues are a lot more complicated than just encroachment by electronic distribution.  The industry has become a high-stakes game where big publishers with big overhead must sell more and more of fewer and fewer titles just to survive.  The vast majority of books taken on by established publishers never approach their potential.  Fortunately, the Internet and social media provide fundamentally new opportunities for authors.  That’s where Kalana Press fits in.

Information for Authors

Kalana Press accepts both fiction and non-fiction work, with a special welcome for stories that bring and stimulate the imagination.  We are a small, not-for-profit organization fitted for authors who (a) wish to self-publish their book under a press name, (b) want an ISBN number at a reasonable price, (c) will finance their own costs for setup, printing and distribution, and (d) keep any and all profit from sale of their books. Kalana Press makes it possible for an author to self-publish with two differences (see [a] and [b] above). The Press does reserve the right to refuse service to grossly unedited work or to subject matter which is defamatory or obscene.

All books published through Kalana Press are listed at this site, along with a link to one single site you specify through which customers can order or learn more about your book. This could be to a page at Amazon, a personal blog, or even your own email. This link can be changed, for example from your email right now, to an actual order page in the future. We will update this link at your request sent using the Contact form on this page. Note that the link you specify needs to be to a valid site, and can only be updated once per week.