Color the K?

You might have noticed how black-and-white this site is, starting with the big capital K in our logo.  Well, you can change that.  Print out the big K alone, color it in any way you see fit, then send us a scan or photograph.  We’ll post it on the site, along with your name and our thanks. Here’s a really big version to start with (save it and print).


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Your First Book

In remembrance of founder and author Phyl Manning, Kalana Press will accept applications to assist one writer each year to get their first book published.

It’s important to manage expectations. Kalana Press is not a full-service publisher with standing orders with Barnes & Noble or libraries or Scholastic Books.  We will provide an ISBN number, manuscript preparation as required, at least 25 copies of your book delivered to you, and a listing with order information here at our site for as long as you wish, as long as Kalana Press operates.  If this publication enables you to sell your book to a larger publisher, or option it for a film, or anything else, more power to you!  No ongoing interest by Kalana Press is asked or expected.  We’re simply offering help for writers to get going.

If you would like to learn more about this assistance, or submit material, please respond through the Contact page of this site, with “MY FIRST BOOK” as the subject.  We will respond with guidelines and the submission calendar.

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